Sunday, August 13, 2006

Rafael Kayanan--Artist

As a young boy growing up in the Pittsburgh area, I enjoyed both comic books and Conan novels.
My favorite artists at that time were Jack Kirby from Marvel, and Frank Frazetta. Kirby's early work was nothing short of incredible and certainly stimulated my love of art. Stories of physical combat, including various weapons was typical in both the Marvel world and in the Conan series. My lifelong love of martial arts was in no small way formulated and cultivated by heroic artwork and other media such as The Green Hornet, In Like Flint, and Wild, Wild, West. The union between incredible art and martial art has been constant component of my life for over thirty years.
In the last several years I have become more and more aware of the art of Rafael Kayanan. I first become aware of Raf through martial arts channels. He is a Tuhon or master instructor in a discipline known as Sayoc Kali. He is also an INCREDIBLE artist. He in fact combined his interest of art and fighting when he was one of the two choreographers on the film, "The Hunted". He also drew the storyboards for that film. Talk about talent.
Here is Raf's web page and art portfolio. Enjoy
Here is the trailer for "The Hunted"


Robertlk808 said...

That is some great work! You know in one of the Full Contact issues there was an interview with Ed Parker's son who was also an artist as well.

Have you ever checked out Simon Bisley's work?

Mark Reifkind said...

man I LOVE Frazetta! Conan rocks. we have a lot of the same influences Tom.