Sunday, September 03, 2006

Jerzy Kosinski

I have read every book he has written starting in my teens. His works are largely fiction, but the material is very interesting.
He is one of the most controversial writers of our time. He even appeared on an early David Letterman show in the 1980's.
Wikipedia's page on him is a good place to start. The Painted Bird, his famous novel is also a good place to begin.


markrif said...

Man! You are my twin too. I love this guy! How many people have even heard of him much less read him. wierd shit though eh?

Regan Brantley said...

I was searching for those with similar interests a la books, music, and what not and I came across your post on Jerzy Kosinski. I've just reviewed one of his books on my blog. I'm really new to this blogging deal so still trying to get a hold on sharing information. Stop by if you like and leave a comment. Thanks!