Sunday, September 17, 2006


I have long been interested in whips. I saw them used as weapons in "B" movies in my youth long before Indiana Jones used them. They are part of the flexible weapons group in SouthEast Asian Martial Arts. There are variation of using stingray tails, quirts, crops, and full blown bullwhips. There is a Bullwhip vs Stick Fight on the Dog Brothers Real Contact Stick Fighting Series of Tapes/DVD's. In the movie world Anthony DeLongis is frequently used a a whip teacher and choreographer. In the martial arts world the Sayoc International Group is well known for their whip technology. There are even martial competitions called "Whip Boxing" where two men compete with whips and protective gear. Here are a couple of links for your education.
Whip Blog


markrif said...

didnt know you were kinky Thomas, lol!

Shaf said...


Don't the South Africans use a very low tech, yet highly effective length of cheap plastic as a whip?

Just googled it, a sjambok.

I seem to remember another kind of whip similar, but longer to this too.

Tom Furman said...

My buddy Ray Floro uses a sjambok when he walks his dog to deal with the odd animal or rowdy in Australia. Crops or Quirts are short whips and can be combined with a folding knife. James Keating has a tape on this.

Tom Shook, RKC said...

There are a couple of resources out there on the use of the sjambok. One is a book by james Loriega entitled "The Scourge of the Dark Continent-the martial application of the sjambok" is very good. Another is a video series by Lynn C. Thompson of Cold Steel. Haven't seen these, but Cold Steel also produces plastic sjamboks for about 15 bucks. These are pretty effective implements.

Petr said...

great, whips, my old love :o)