Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Can You Do These Feats of Strength?

Can you.....
  • Throw a shotput 75 feet?
  • Throw a Discus 204 feet?
  • Throw a Javelin 210 feet?
  • Throw a hammer 180feet?
  • Score 5750 in a Decathlon?
  • High Jump 6' 6"?
  • Run the 40 in 4.3 sec?
  • Run the 100M in 10.3 sec?
  • Spar Muhammad Ali AND Verne Gagne?
  • Compete in the Highland Games?
  • Dunk a shotput?

If you can't, maybe you need to study the training information at Brian Oldfield's page.

He was not an athlete,..he was a super athlete.
Study the videos, training, and advice on Brian's page.

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pruzicka said...

Wow, what a gorilla...