Tuesday, November 28, 2006

When Jamie O'Keefe talks,...I listen.

When Jamie O'Keefe speaks, ....I am all ears. With thirty years in the martial arts and fifteen years as a doorman, his opinions should warrant your attention if personal security is of any interest to you. He came from a rough background and rather than give up and die, he dug his back foot in and toughed it out. The variety of lessons and insights provided by Jamie are worth their weight in gold. I highly suggest you go to his website and take a look. You will not be disappointed. Go here.


Ryan said...

I checked out his site. Any of those books high on your must read list?

Tom Furman said...

There used to be articles posted by Jamie. I read alot of those. I think he eventually made those articles into books. ALL seem to be good street sense material.

Jamie O'Keefe said...


Thank you for the comments about my work. Somebody emailed info about your write-up. Many thanks Jamie

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