Sunday, December 10, 2006

Does Rock Climbing make you fit?

Muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, durability, and a high power to weight ratio. Climbers are the fighting dogs of fitness.


Mark Reifkind said...

there ya go. thats how lean I want to be.

Franz Snideman said...

Hard to argue with that. I have known many rock climbers and they are serous studs!

Ripped as well. They carry so little bodyfat. Maybe bodybuilders should do rock climbing to get into contest shape :)

Shaf said...

Lyle McDonald has talked about how he thinks there might be some kind of adaptive mechanism for activity going on with climbers (and runners). Climbers tend to be lean, and muscular. Runners tend to lose their explosive strength and lean muscle mass due to the plodding mileage. Alternately, it could very well be that good climbers are naturally lean, anyway.

I've known a few climbers who've had their girlfriends carry their gear to the climbing site, because they didn't want to "work their legs." I am not a good climber, being roughly 100# heavier than the best climbers I knew.

In any case, it takes a lot of climbing to be good at climbing. I thought that adding slacklining to the climbing was a pretty cool thing to do. I keep wanting to set up a slackline in my basement for balance work.