Friday, December 22, 2006

Why We Get Fat

This is a paper by Art Devany at It is worth a read.


ashe said...

not all the way through it yet, but one thing that has caught my eye is his proposed formula (delta-w) where he assigns the thermic effect at a flat rate of .1, which seems curious to me given the fact that the thermic effect of fat is higher than glucose for ex.

Tom Furman said...

The thermic effect of food is averaged to about 10%. The fly in the ointment would be taking a vegan and putting them on 2lbs of Buffalo Pemmican a day. Slightly different thermal effect I would imagine.

ashe said...

i think there is a problem with just pluggin in a random average into your formula.

i was listening to that podcast you posted and dr. cordain states the the thermic effect of protien to be 2 to 3 times higher than fat or carbs.

so as you said, a higher content of protien in the diet is going to throw that .1 average off quite a bit.

to be honest some of the technical jargon was difficult to wade through, so i haven't absorbed everything that i've read yet, but it seems a long route to "prove" his initial hypothesis, which really just seems like plain common sense to me, but hey, i don't have any letters after my name...