Monday, January 15, 2007

Is this the Neanderthal/Cro Magnon Cross?

This is an incredibly interesting story about the roots of man. Neanderthal

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Royce said...

Ya know man, I love stuff like this. I wish all mainstream Christians who believe the Genisis account would open up to the evidence available.
I watched part of a seriously interesting documentary on how Homo Sapien outbred Neanderthal and other human subspecies.
The theory was that Homo Sapien had a much greater grasp of the abstract and how to apply it.
Hence they ( we ) invented the atlattle and therefore gathered more protien giving us the advantage.
Other subspecies copied the atlattle but did not fully understand the mechanics ( i.e. the bending of the dart shaft during launch. and the counter weight to minimize noise )
Therfore they were not as succesfull at procuring game.
Who knows how it really transpired but it's all cool.