Thursday, January 04, 2007

Open Hand VS The Fist. The Pekiti Tersia View

The art is Pekiti Tersia. The man is Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje. The subject is to use the fist or the empty hand in combat. Here is a critical analysis. Pekiti


Steve Perry said...

In our stuff, we use the term "Soft for hard, hard for soft." Slap to the head, punch to the belly. Not always, but as a general rule, this helps keep injuries to the hitter down ...

Tom Furman said...

Steve, nice to see you reading. Wow, I have both Steve Perry and Tim Cahill reading here. I better be careful.
Watching Slavo's guys to Splash hand is very convincing. I hope you guys are handling the winter's in Portland!
Give a big hello from myself, Santiago Dobles, and Cliff Stewart to Guru Plinck and the rest of your gang.--Tom