Thursday, January 25, 2007

Workout With Paul Anderson


Royce said...

Dear god, Tom I have never seen video of him lifting.
Thank you very much for posting, and searching.
Thanks for bringing so many eclectic views to the table.

That video makes me want to get under the bar, ( but I need the conditioning kb's offer ).

I am getting your dvd when it comes out.

By the way I have a serious MA question to ask you. It is eclectic though.

What do you think of Leung Ting's Wing Tsun with his integration of kali/escreima compared to pentjak silat, I personally don't have an opinion right now. But pentjak silat ( or any other incarnation ) appeals to me, But I am torn as to what is effective in unarmed combat.
Dog brothers have my attention for armed combat.

I am going to be inschool for the next few years, then after that Martial Arts it is for me......

Tom Furman said...

Dog brothers rule. The use Kali, silat, thai arts, savate, and many other sources. Not a fan of wing chun. It is hard to hold that pure structure in MMA. Maybe in the street. Emin Boztepe is however, a well balanced artist. Wing Chun, grappling, AND Eskrima.