Friday, February 09, 2007

Bringing a Knife To a Gun Fight

This link is about law enforcement officers and how they view a knife attacker. It is being reported by friends in the bladed arts, Lloyd DeJongh and Nigel February. This is seriously VIVID. The photo's will be on a link from the provided article. Remember, I warned you.


ashe said...

i'm pretty sure those pics came off somebodie's knife fighting video. can't remember who's but clips are on youtube. that's supposed to be an off duty leo who tried to disarm a knife wielder. (that's the version i heard anyway)

Royce said...

Yeah, when I was younger I used to think shooting a knife weilding subject was extreme too.
Then working at Maricopa County hospital I got to see first hand what a knife could do.
Shoot them!