Saturday, February 03, 2007

Meet The Doomslayer

This is kind of off topic, but very interesting. Worth the read. DOOMSLAYER


Ray said...


Thanks for posting this. Too bad he isn't with us today to battle the man-made global warming zealots. These are the same Malthusians Simon confronted years ago, making similar religious arguments about how man causes all that is bad, but with no proof.

I enjoy your blog.


Royce said...

Very cool post dude. Makes me want to go enjoy my afternoon, like the article said!!

Wil said...

Great post, Tom!

I always enjoy having a little fact behind my intuitions, especially in dealing with extremists. Did you know that Darwin derived some of his central ideas about natural selection from his reading of Malthus? Not disputing evolution as a theory, but it makes you think.