Friday, April 13, 2007

More Motion Mastery

Watch the technical perfection of handling Kettlbells.


H. Malik said...

I am new to the kettleball training methodology, but I am glad to have found such a helpful video here. I appreciate how the cameraman uses different angles and even the mirror to show the viewer how to do this kind of training excercise from more than one perspective. Great site overall, glad I found it.

Hammad Malik
Contemporary Fighting Arts

Fireman Tom said...


don't I get any props?? ;-)

Thanks for posting it to YouTube, mainly because most of the KB technique on the site SUCKS... They should re-name their site techniqueseekers...

The clips of real Russian/Eastern Block gireviks lifting KBs are the only ones you learn good technique from, IMO.

Tom Furman said...

Sorry Tom, I got the one of the Russian doing the snatches,...I didn't realize this was from you. I have a short one of about 20 seconds of long cycle from the old site as well. I'd rather this stuff be on youtube than having to download and clutter hardrives with .wmv files.


Fireman Tom said...

That was a total JOKE!

I don't need or want any props, and I'm just glad someone is posting this stuff on YouTube!!

Keep up the great work on your blog and KUDOS on all the great feedback you've been getting on your DVD!