Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sergio Oliva Olympic Lifting

This brings back some memories about Sergio starting in Olympic lifting. Then on to the Olympia and being the most gifted bodybuilder ever.

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Sifter said...

One night shortly after I moved to Chicago from Minnesota, I was eating in some Mexican restaurant just over the Chicago boundary in Evanston. I looked up and saw this grinning cop in his blue shirted uniform with the biggest fucking arms I've ever seen in my life.

His arms were literally bigger than my thighs. His 'spread', lats everything was just huge, simply unbelievable. I asked somebody who the hell was that... it was, of course, Sergio.

He had a gym a few blocks away on Rogers (maybe he still does, I have no idea.) All I know is this guy had to be at least in his late 40's to mid 50's and he looked like a gorilla... and that's not intended at all as racist,heaven forbid, but rather as a supreme compliment to the biggest, most muscular guy I have ever seen.