Thursday, July 19, 2007

Darker Than Amber

This 1970 movie, filmed in Miami, and starring Rod Taylor, also featured one of my favorite actors, William Smith. Bruce Lee mentioned that this scene of close quarter combat between Rod and Bill was one of the finest ever filmed. William Smith was at one time considered for the lead in the TV movie, "Kung Fu", and opposite Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon. Sorry for the quality, and the subtitles. The action speaks for itself.


Royce said...

William Smith is one of the all time best film bad guys/tough guys. I haven't seen this flick, but now I'm going to have to.

shawn said...

Cool fight scene. Looked real! No million punches thrown like most movies show. Smith looked strong exhibited by bodyslamming guy.


There are two versions of this film floating around. The un-cut version with Swedish subtitles, and the edited TV version. Right now there is no legal copy of this film that you can get your hands on that's in really great shape and un-cut. There are the bootlegs that look like crap and that's it. I have a copy like the one you just saw and the edited version. If you can get an un-cut version it's worth it! The whole movie has a lot of action in it with the climax that you just watched. The big rumor also is that Rod Taylor and William Smith slugged it out for real in this fight. Smith said the bottle he hit Rod Taylor with was real. He said Rod Taylor made him mad because he broke some of his ribs during the fight, so he cracked him in the head with the bottle. Taylor also got his nose broken. And Smiths knee got busted it up by that piece of wood that Taylor hit him with. WOW!