Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Golden Age Of Bodybuilding

Here is a rather thorough interview from guys who trained in the "Golden Age" CLICK


Norseman said...

I love the roundedness of these guys. I used to compete in bodybuilding in 1993, winning the Junior Mr.Britain and miss to this day the intense camaraderie that I felt in the "spit and sawdust" gym I trained in. Note, they all talk about work, family, sun, fun, labour and helping each other. Bodybuilding, weightlifting and strength training creates such incredible common purpose and community it's incredible. The irony and sadness accompanying many of these characters makes it really human. Awesome interview. "You can always rely on a 45lb plate, it'll never let you down, it always does what it's supposed to do!"

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Dan Norman

Steve Perry said...

I have to say I think men's bodybuilding peaked with Steve Reeves, around the time I was born. If I could have chosen a psysique for my own, it would have been his.

These days, he'd never win the local club championships, but as Hercules, he was what every boy my age wanted to look like.

I grew up reading about Larry Scott and Dave Draper and Sergio, and they surely seemed to be having a better time than a lot of today's champs, who most are bloated out the wazoo, on serious 'roids, and who teeter on the edge of death to get cut enough to step on stage do ...

Tom Furman said...

I posted a video on Robbie Robinson and he is great shape at 60. Healthy and happy. Ripped too. He was a track star/ sprinter.