Friday, July 13, 2007

Knife Choreography In "The Hunted"

The film, "The Hunted" contained what may be the most realistic edged weapon sequences ever captured on film. Rafael Kayanan and Tom Kier were the trainers and choreographers for the film. In addition, Raf is a world renowned artist who story boarded the action sequences. This short video clip gives you an idea of how martial choreography goes from creative inspiration to cinema magic.


Shaun said...

That was a cool movie. I remember watching the DVD extras and Tommy Lee Jones commented that he learned more than he ever wanted to know about knife fighting.

On an item completely off topic, check out the dog in this article:

Pound for pound, the strongest dog around.


Tom Furman said...

That dog and the baby below have the same genetic uniqueness. Google Belgian Blue and you will see the results of genetic engineering. Flex Wheeler supposedly has a gene pool like this too.

Tom Furman said...

Tommy Lee and Benecio were incredibly diligent according to Rafael. It shows. Sayoc Kali is like three dimensional surgery with extreme prejudice.

Steve Perry said...

I enjoyed watching the movie -- it was filmed locally, and so I got a chuckle at how the director rearranged the city and local woods.

And I thought the knife sequence were fun, but given the nature of the beast, they were heavy with movie-fu.

I can't imagine a Sayoc guy being involved in a knife fight that lasted more than a few seconds, and given the length of the exchanges, both of the fighters would have looked like hamburger.

Two experts are going to carve each other like Thanksgiving turkeys and quickly. I know it was drawn out for the sake of story drama, of course, that's how these things are done, but that does make it a little less realistic.

The really nasty stuff doesn't look impressive, because you don't see it -- it's not flashy, just effective, and the Sayoc guys know this ...

If you haven't seen these pictures, go have a look:

Tom Furman said...

Yes, Steve. I have seen those knife wounds. The movie-fu did allow concepts like vital templates, close quarter grappling, medical management, tapping, etc., etc, being shown by two good actors. Nice showcase, but it is drama for sure.