Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Different Way To Sleep

Here is a different look at the subject of sleep. Are you willing to try it? SLEEP


Shaf said...

Evolutionarily, Tom, this is a bust. I seriously doubt that anyone, including DaVinci or Jefferson made this work for a lifetime despite all the claims to the contrary.

This is a double bust for anyone who might be remotely active. You and I know that a lot of the bodily repair and hormonal releases that are required to occur for physical changes to occur happen at night and while we sleep.

Less sleep = less recovery.

I suspect there will be a big build up of free radicals over time, as well.

Scott said...

Hi Tom,

I've been following a biphasic sleep pattern for the past year or so. Not quite as hard-edged as the Uberman routine; but well worth looking in to. I have several resources if you're interested, but this post gives you a good rundown of what I'm doing.