Saturday, November 17, 2007

Amazing How Their Form Is So Similar

Watching the big men, who put up big numbers, compete in snatch is rather striking. Their biomechanics are so similar despite differences in structure. Small tweaks to deal with individual anatomy are needed, but the efficiency is the same when you are the best in the World.


jake heke said...

Its funny that in usa, peoples think that Fedorenkos way to lift is only right way to do GS. In Ventsplits ,Latvia there was many different styles in competion. It depends what is best to you. And that depens what is your structure,flexibility,strenght speed and another attributes.

Royce said...

Is that Ken Blackburn on the far right?
You can definately see how the Eastern European guys have pretty much the same form. And you can see how the guy on the far right deviates some.
Extremely cool, I can't wait untill all the vids are up.

Tom Furman said...

Yes, that is Ken Blackburn, Royce.

Jake, I agree, the theme is the same, but efficiency finds the best pathway which is adjusted by height, weight, lever arms, etc.

Royce said...

Kick butt.
Ken is a monster!
He is so close to being an elite GS guy it's not funny. Good for him!!!