Monday, December 25, 2006

Scrapper - Free Bodyweight Workouts!

"Scrapper" started off as an almost internet urban myth about a Navy Diver who gave away free bodyweight workouts on the internet. Well,..years later he is NO urban myth, but the real thing. His free workouts and his Mod. 1 is well known, well used, and the results are world wide. You can hardly go wrong with his free workouts. If you like them, you may want to buy his training package and get plenty of bang for your buck. I highly recommend him. SCRAPPER

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Shaf said...


My first serious foray into BWEs as an "adult" was Scrapper's materials. I am an owner of a well used "Mod 1" program. As a kid, the conditioning workouts my coach would put us through looked a lot like the BW Scrapper and Enamait stuff, but, interestingly enough, not like Furey's...