Friday, April 06, 2007

Atienza Kali Video is a Great Introduction

The Atienza Brothers have done a fine job of revamping their webpage and the introduction video on the home page is VERY cool. ATIENZAKALI


Royce said...

The video section was cool too. The video where he was doing projectile training was insane. He delivered so much power with the projectiles with such a short stroke.

Anonymous said...

Hey that was pretty cool, a bit pricey for the trainer package, I like the sheath and the harness, but I wish they fit different blades. Anyways Kali and Escrima have always fascinated me, and the speed and brutality is something to be admired. If you have some time, check out my blog at
Keep up the good work.

Tom Furman said...

I'll check the blog tonite. Thanks guys.