Monday, April 16, 2007

Opinions? 300 Hundred of Them

Mark Twight speaks in this article. I like the thought process. 300


Royce said...

Good stuff man, I just posted this on my blog after I read David Whitleys post on DD.
I decided to throw in some high volume swings w/ the 53 after squats and abs.

Royce said...

ended up doing swings with the 70.

Tom Furman said...

Motivation is something isn't it?
Check the "Captain" video on Gym Jones as well. It defines the article you read.

Royce said...

I read it, it's one of the reasons I decided to stop wondering about the ever elusive "overtraining".
Just another excuse for me to go easy. Swings after squats were freakin' cool.

Royce said...

actually I saw the video, I haven't seen an article labelled "captain". I was thinking of the pics at the bottom of the opinions article. the video is what inspired me.