Thursday, September 06, 2007

Die Less Often 2

Take a look at this video, and visit . Available soon.


Geoff Neupert said...


How often do knives appear in street fights and how does this training compare to Tim Larkin's TFT?

Truly scary stuff.

Thanks for posting alternatives.

Tom Furman said...

In the private forum of we have lots of youtube clips of attacks to diagnose. Hidden weapons are common. Getting punctured by a needle from someone's pocket is no different than a blade, bottle, razor, pen, or letter opener.
I know who Tim Larkin is, but don't know a thing about his program. In the martial arts world, it doesn't take long to know who is who in the zoo. I'd bet my life on material from Sayocs, Marc Denny, the Atienza Family, or Ray Floro. You can add a list of others. I am just covering the blade specialists.