Friday, September 07, 2007

Why He Is Number One.


Royce said...

He was just so......calm.....after getting slammed like that. Freakin insane.

ashe said...

that throw at ~2:11 was freakin' awesome!

funny about the shot of the kettlebells. i've heard that he poses with them alot, but no one's ever seen him actually pick one up.

Tom Furman said...

Fedor point blank answered that he "Did not lift kettlebells or weights."

Royce said...

i believe one of his other quotes was something along the lines of "My brother weighs 260lbs why should I lift weights."

Aaron Friday said...

Here are two of his secrets:

* He shadowboxes while moving backward and getting off the line of attack.

* When the fight starts, he imagines he's already been fighting for 10 minutes.

I had a graphic of Fedor's many faces one time. From Anguish, to Confusion, to Joy, it was all the same face! LOL!

Best fighter I ever saw.