Sunday, October 07, 2007

Forearms Like Dave Draper

If you want lower arms like Dave Draper in the above photo,... train like DAVE.


Steve Perry said...

When I was a kid, the first bodybuilding 'zine I bought, probably about 1964 or so, had Dave Draper on the cover. Guys who ruled back then were Draper, Larry Scott, Reg Park, the young Ahnahl.

A couple-three years later, Draper starred in a surf 'n' sand movie, Don't Make Waves, with Tony Curtis, and soon-to-be-murdered by the Manson Family actress, Sharon Tate.

He was a big, strong, blond kid, back in the days when steroid use was just cranking up, and he looked fit and healthy, and probably was.

But that picture? Gotta be fifteen, twenty years old.
Last images I saw of him, he looked really good for a man who is now old enough to get a senior citizen's discount to ride the bus, but not quite as buffed and thick as that. And I suspect he doesn't hit the iron as hard or heavy as he used to, either.

You gotta take into account what us old guys can and cannot do, Tom. I'm past sixty, and Draper is a nickel older than I ...

Tom Furman said...

Steve, Dave had quadruple bypass this year. Oddly enough, his cholesterol was like 120. He is training again and before the surgery he was doing the same routine that he was doing 20 years ago with less weight.
My training partner will be 60 in December and still does Crossfit WOD. Ask Guru Stevan about Dr. Harold Koning who is 72 this past August. BJJ Masters Champ Steve Maxwell is 54. We all have our aches and pains, but I'll take movement any day. Modify and adapt, but that forearm program is not age restrictive. The Kettlebell guys in Russian and Latvia compete into their 60's with the 24k. I like that idea. That is why I posted about the age range with kettlebells below.

Steve Perry said...

Oh, no argument -- moving is the way to keep moss from growing on you.

Just that I don't know anybody my age or older who trains with the same amounts of weight he did when he was thirty, even forty years old.

Yeah, there are guys who are seventy who look terrific for their age, some of them a lot better than some guys forty years younger. But the nature of the machine is that it eventually fails, and a picture of a guy who is sixty-five is gonna look different than one taken of him when he was thirty years younger.

The aches and pains take longer to get well, and past a certain point, if you don't deal with them, they'll stop you from training.

Just point out that this needs to be taken into account.