Tom Furman has been involved in martial arts and conditioning since 1972. With an early background in wrestling and a student of the methods of the York Barbell Club, Tom immediately separated fact from fiction growing up outside Pittsburgh. Eleven members of his family were combat veterans, the most famous one being “Uncle Charlie” (Charles Bronson).

His down to earth training methods are derived from his decades long practice of martial arts and his study of exercise science. The application of force, improvement of movement and durability rank high on his list of priorities when training. He gives credit to hundreds of hours of seminars, training sessions, and ‘backyard’ workouts, including training time with many martial arts legends. He also credits his incredibly gifted training partners who came from varied backgrounds such as Exercise Physiologists, Airborne Rangers, Bounty Hunters, Boxing Trainers and Coast Guard Rescue Divers.

Tom is the creator of the popular DVD “Concrete Conflict & Conditioning” which integrates strength, movement, and physical combat. He also created another DVD called “Activate Your Dynamic Range of Motion” which introduces Tom’s excellent program of flexibility. Tom was one of the first American trainers to become RKC certified for Kettlebell Training in the US, and is quoted twice in "The Naked Warrior" by Pavel Tsatsouline, the founder of RKC. Tom has done
workshops with Kettlebell legends Mike Mahler and Steve Cotter.

Dear Tom,

I am just writing to express my gratitude for your advice on my ongoing joint problems. I was in physical therapy for sacroiliac issues, and also received treatment for carpal tunnel and wrist pain. But after easing back in to activity, my wrists and now my elbows acted up with great pain, and I could feel the SI joint pain creeping back in too. None of the things I had done in the past seemed to offer any relief.

But your suggestions on the mental side of the pain, as well as the stick drills you suggested from your “Concrete Conflict and Conditioning” DVD have quickly reduced my pain and got me back in action. I had dropped any weight training for weeks before I wrote to you, and was afraid that I would miss my chance to start BJJ training because of the wrist and elbow pain. But literally after a day of using your suggestions I was able to do kettlebell lifting, and then the day after that, to attend a two hour long BJJ class, including live rolling, without any of the joint pain. It literally worked that fast!

Thanks again,

Bob Tappan
Charlottesville, VA

"Just wanted to let you know that thanks to those exercises you taught me, my knees are 85% better and I'm no longer considering surgery. Thank you."
-Victor Rivera, 45 year Martial Arts Veteran

"Thanks again for your input with regards to building power and explosiveness! It truly made a difference during my trip. I was 'right there' with all of them and had plenty in the tank to spare. Immediately felt very confident that I could "go" with any of them."
(After training with the Elite Israeli Special Forces)
Thanks again!! Much appreciated!!
--Zeus Shama, Bodybuilder, Marathoner, Crossfit Athlete

"Tom's stuff was so good I immediately changed up my joint mobility work to revolve around his stick JM demonstrations. They were that good and they seemed to get the areas I've been missing. (I normally do a lot of JS work and Tom's stick stuff was every bit as valuable IMO) The 'flexibility stunt' is awesome . . . something worth doing a lot of for shoulder ROM."
--cqc10, www.Fullkontact.com forum

“Great expression of core work out with a martial arts spin(in a good way). There are plenty of exercises and flexibility stuff that I have not seen or thought of doing that I will try to incorporate into my workouts. Nice tiger style silat postures and exercises to strengthen legs and add flexibility. The application of the work out overlapped well with the martial arts aspects.”
--John Brown

“Tom is a top notch instructor, his training is innovative and hands on with no unnecessary garnish. You can't go wrong with him.”
--Mario P Quinn

“Tom Furman presents a unique blend of training methodologies spanning traditional SE Asian martial arts, "old-school" training and current scientific advances in strength and conditioning. Far from overwhelming, his packaging and delivery of material is first rate and designed to get results. Time spend with Tom is time well spent!”
--Rufus Rankin

“Tom has a wealth of knowledge about physical training in a number of modalities and Martial Arts that are unfamiliar to many. He excels at articulating his knowledge in an extremely relevant manner. Great products and information.”
--Sean Maguire

"Just got the video today and got a chance to watch a few scenes--good stuff! Really appreciate you sending it--the team will enjoy them too, I am sure. I really liked some of your drills, especially the finger dexterity with the stick--genius."
--"S", Blackwater group. (Private Military Contractors)

"Tom is mindful of addressing the athlete who is undergoing recovery from injury and rehabilitation. Which means that most of the routines do not have the “jolting” or “jarring” moves that some sets have. Something that really appealed to me."
-- Ray Floro, Florofightingsystems. Trainer to Australian Special Forces

"The S&C part of Tom Furman's DVD contains many innovative strength, mobility, and resilience drills any hard living comrade could use."
--Pavel Tsatsouline, Author of Enter the Kettlebell and Return of the Kettlebell

“ If only the general public knew what was going on in their backyard. People pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for events with this much expertise. Light years ahead of other kettlebell offerings!" ( After a workshop with Tom Furman )
--Sean McCarthy, President, Brenda Schultz Tennis

"Tom's open and acquisitive mind certainly is able to fuse material from myraid sources together and focus them to a specific purpose."
--Steve Shafley, Powerlifter, Kettlebell coach, Rugby coach, Highland Games Competitor