Train Online with Tom Furman

Training online and through telephone is a powerful way to transcend distance and time. You succeed because you have someone objectively looking at your needs, setting realistic goals and coaching you appropriately.  This program is the best alternative to training with me personally.
Here are the five reason you should consider training with me -

1. You are overweight and nothing has worked.
2. You want to achieve your goals and haven't so far.
3. You do not want to age prematurely.
4. You are overwhelmed with training and diet information.
5. You have no time to waste, but want incredible results.

Here are the results some online consultations-
Dear Tom,
I am just writing to express my gratitude for your advice on my ongoing joint problems. I was in physical therapy for sacroiliac issues, and also received treatment for carpal tunnel and wrist pain. But after easing back in to activity, my wrists and now my elbows acted up with great pain, and I could feel the SI joint pain creeping back in too. None of the things I had done in the past seemed to offer any relief.

But your suggestions on the mental side of the pain, as well as the stick drills you suggested from your “Concrete Conflict and Conditioning” DVD have quickly reduced my pain and got me back in action. I had dropped any weight training for weeks before I wrote to you, and was afraid that I would miss my chance to start BJJ training because of the wrist and elbow pain. But literally after a day of using your suggestions I was able to do kettlebell lifting, and then the day after that, to attend a two hour long BJJ class, including live rolling, without any of the joint pain. It literally worked that fast!

Thanks again,
Bob Tappan
Charlottesville, VA

When I first contacted Tom in November of 2009 I was in a downward spiral.  I was 41 yrs old, 6’1” 204lbs, living an active lifestyle. This involved everything from hiking, Frisbee, swimming, tennis, and I loved being outdoors regardless of the weather.  However, I had some old injuries creating mobility issues, was bored with traditional gym workouts, and having difficulty implementing my kettlebell into my fitness routine. As a result I found myself gaining weight and losing strength.  I tend to overcomplicate how I’m going to reach my fitness goals so I didn’t have much sustained success using other fitness instructors in the past.
Tom took the time to understand my requirements and provided simple effective workouts that fit with my personality and lifestyle. This unique approach empowered me to succeed.  What sets Tom apart from the rest is that he’s a great teacher, which starts with being a great listener. He provided me with a complete health and fitness package including but not limited to: workouts, dietary guidelines, and mobility exercises.
Within just a few weeks I began noticing improved mobility which helped with an old hip injury. The workouts he provided increased my strength without killing me. They were intense enough, and yet the strength gains kind of took you by surprise. I began to lose weight without really trying that hard. This is where Tom’s expertise was invaluable as he provided me with dietary recommendations I had not considered. Each week when we talked he would ask how I was doing and encourage me to try more of the suggestions. In less than six months I went from a 37” to a 32” waist! My weight went from 204lbs to 185lbs! This was a bonus to my improved strength and mobility.
    Tom is awesome at eliminating roadblocks. Throughout my training as obstacles would arise he was exceptional at explaining why I should or shouldn’t do something and making the necessary adjustments. An example of this is when I was having ongoing problems with lower back and hip mobility impairing some of my movement patterns. Tom provided me with excellent treatment and therapy recommendations which started me down a path towards resolving my chronic hip problem resulting from an old injury.

    I consider it a privilege to have worked with Tom Furman and thank him for all we accomplished together, and all I continue to accomplish because of his excellent training. Oh, and I forgot the most amazing part! He lives in Florida and I in South Carolina. This training was all long distance."

Jon Sobota

Truthfully, how many more years are you going to waste? How many times are you going to start a program and stop? Have you been carrying that same twenty extra pounds for twenty years?

The time for change is now. Email me at to get started.