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"I just finished six straight weeks of clay court events. You have to be fit for the clay. I was in two semi-finals and one final. Not bad for the oldest competitive singles player on tour who had a career ending back injury at 29. I am off to the grass in England and your drills from Concrete Conflict have made my recovery time and fitness level amazing. Keep bringing me the good stuff!"
–Brenda Schultz-McCarthy

Two-time Olympian, top ten in the world in singles and doubles on the WTA professional tennis tour, record holder for the fastest serve in the world at 130 mph, a milestone achieved at the age of 35 after back surgery, a 7-year layoff from the pro tour and training with Tom Furman. 

FIRST BASEMAN for the Detroit Tigers SEAN CASEY:

“Casey came to spring training last year with added muscle, and the new strength was evident. He became quicker on inside pitches and was able to pull balls much more frequently for extra bases. At the same time, he retained his ability to take outside pitches to the opposite field with extra-base authority. Casey is one of baseball’s toughest men to strike out, with an exceptional knack for fighting off pitches. He hangs in well against lefthanded pitching, and though often aggressive early in the count, he has steadily improved in his ability to work himself into hitters’ counts.”

–Quote from

Tom's training methods literally transformed Casey, who had not played for an entire season due to a bad shoulder injury.