Personal Training

Personal Training with Tom Furman will be quite unlike any other training you have had. Most people envision a drill sargeant screaming at you to do one more rep. This is not Tom's style. He will work with you to see what it is you like doing and help you have an enjoyable routine that you will be happy to repeat. He is aware that if you don't work at something consistently, it adds no real value to your life.

Tom will find out what your present state of health is with a thorough assessment to find out what you are capable of and help you understand which methods are going to get you where you want to be with the most efficiency.

Tom is available for private sessions at the location of your choice.

"I very highly recommend Tom as a cutting-edge resource for fitness and movement of any type. His style compliments the strength and conditioning programs of the best athletes. The mobility exercises are far more interesting and sophisticated than what is commonly seen in fitness warm-up rituals. It was a real pleasure to see a professional peer at work that has such a solid grasp on what he is teaching."
—Steve Cotter 

  Future workshops will include:
Flexibility, Durability & Strength
The Best Bodyweight Exercises for the Lean, Toned Physique
Introduction to Kettlebells
Dealing With Common Injuries
Martial Strength
Advanced Diet & Nutrition Workshop
Combative Mobility
Introduction to Indonesian Martial Arts
Partner Stretching
Improving Your Bad Back