Friday, August 17, 2012

All In One DVD/Ebook Sale

If you don't act now, you won't get this offer. There is a limited number of DVD's available. When they are gone, the sale will end.
This deal includes-

- The DVD, Concrete Conflict and Conditioning by Tom Furman
- The DVD, Activate Your Dynamic Range of Motion by Tom Furman
- The DVD, Kettlebell 101 by "Fireman" Tom Corrigan
- The Ebook 10 Exercise that will De-Age Your Body by 10 Years
- The Ebook You Can't Outrun a Donut
- and the NEW ebook, Activate your Dynamic Range of Motion

Separately these items are worth 65 dollars, I'M WILLING TO NEARLY GIVE THEM AWAY FOR 45 DOLLARS AND NO SHIPPING CHARGES!
Simple go to this link and purchase the now. The DVDs will be sent by USPS and the the Ebooks will be sent via email within 24 hours!

This combination could be the ultimate in Durability, Flexibility and Mobility. Thorough instruction in Kettlebell Basics, Martial Application and Injury Prevention.


Unknown said...

Any chance of a package deal for your ebooks?

Tom Furman said...


Unknown said...

Hi Tom,

Is this offer valid for international customers too?



Tom Furman said...

Yes. Robert, it is.