Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Suntukan Street Self Defense featuring Guro Tony Torre

"This volume is perhaps the most thorough source of boxing/empty hand methods from the Philippines I have seen."

I was very anxious to review this DVD. I have known Tony through his various roles as a friend, training partner, bail bondsman, handgun instructor, career martial artist, husband and father. I've trained with him over the years and we've traded loads of combative data. Knowing that he was going to crystallize his material on Filipino empty hands made me happy, since his research includes a lot of the older instructors, Western instructors and the concrete jungle. He's simply not passing along a lesson plan that he wrote during a 2 hour seminar. His students hit the mats, the ring and the streets and provide adequate feedback as to the efficacy of this material. 

Well I was not disappointed. This volume is perhaps the most thorough source of boxing/empty hand methods from the Philippines I have seen. 
The real strength of this dvd [two dvds by the way], is Tony's tireless research of the science of boxing. This includes the Western/Euro styles of bare knuckle, the Filipino prize fighters and he even references Kid Gavilan and Bas Rutten. He leaves no dusty book on the shelf in his pursuit of fistic excellence. 

What I liked-
- PACKED with material. It's too voluminous to even list.
- Camera quality is good. Tony is very articulate and has good attention to detail.

What I didn't like-
- The backdrop was the same. Moving into a ring or outdoors would help since the visual field gets mundane. 
- Both combatants wore black. Other colors should be used for more contrast. 

So if you are a fan of Filipino Martial Arts,.. this would be a really good addition to your educational library. At around 29 bucks, you can't go wrong. Thank you Tony, for going that extra mile!

Here is the ordering link. BTW, I am not an affiliate of Paladin. I get nothing for this review. 

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Anonymous said...

This set is great for the beginner, but also has tons of great stuff for the more experienced practitioner.