Thursday, February 07, 2013

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Pushing the Limits with Al Kavadlo
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You are saying to yourself, "What? Another body weight training book?" Well, yes. Another. Remember there are only 3 primary colors which can create scribbles, pornography or Rembrandt. There are 4 macronutrients and yet thousands of diet books. The power then, is how the material is communicated, illustrated and generated. Is there a theme? Is there adequate illustration or visual tools applied? Is there an actual outline that can be reproduced in your training facility or a group setting? For all these questions, the answer is YES. 

This book by Al Kavadlo is perhaps the most richly illustrated book produced by Dragondoor. That alone makes it superior to grainy, black & white, pamphlets being sold by many internet gurus. The organization is superior and Al has a strong system of progressions and troubleshoots for all the drills. He focuses on three areas. Push ups, squats and inversions. Using this as root system Al adds both intensity and sophistication. In a way this book is "part 2" of Al's previous book, "Raising the Bar". That volume focused on using the chinning bar as a very simple training tool with many variations. It is not necessary to own both books, but I'd highly recommend it though. 

The idea of course is using body weight and gravity to build total body strength. I refer to this as minimalist training. It's about the methods, not the training gear. 

One thing I like is this book is NOT an either/or argument for body weight training versus weight training. It is simply an excellent, richly illustrated methodology in the minimalist conditioning techniques. 

Al provides guidelines on the when to progress, how to progress and how to put the routines together. He's been around the block and still tailors programs for his clients using barbells or kettlebells, in addition to his unique style of body weight training. Al also participates in triathlons so it's not just a matter of hanging in the park, getting tan and looking good. He walks his talk. 

This book would be a good investment if you have little training gear or simple want to focus on body weight training. It's great for trainers who need some extra detail when coaching clients in these skills as well. 

So what is the down side? I'd like to see this book paired with, "Raising the Bar", Al's other book in a special offer. It promotes both the publisher and the author as wanting the best outcome for the consumer. 

So click the photo at the top or the link below and purchase it now!
Al Kavadlo’s Progressive Plan for Primal Body Power
How to Build Explosive Strength and a Magnificent Physique —Using Bodyweight Exercise Only


Paul K said...

Hey Tom.
Great review; the analogy of the 3 primary colors hits the nail on the head, too. Simple doesn't always equate easy (and vice versa). IMO, there are nearly an endless amount of ways to do yet a few things so it (stuff like this book) never gets old.
Fortunately for me, as i live in NYC, was able to meet and train with Al, and he's an authentic and genuine guy.
I also agree the bundle of Raising The Bar with this book could be good for the publisher & author, not mention the buyer.
Hey re: the 4 macronutrients of which you speak, in addition to protein, fat and carbs am guessing the 4th is water... or micronutrients?

Tom Furman said...

Yes. 4th is water. Fifth could be alcohol at 7 calories per gram.

premier paving said...

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